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You are Welcome Here!

Our heart is simply for you to hear of the glory, grace, hope, joy, and peace that we have in Christ, and respond as God leads you.  We very much hope to get to see you and meet you very soon!  
You are welcome here!

-Pastor Jason Allen

Who We Are

As we walk through life everyone is looking for direction, hope, and peace.  With all the struggles and all the challenges that we face each day, we want to know there is a purpose to it all, that there is a bigger picture to our lives.  Here at Woodlawn, we have found that purpose, that hope, and that peace in the person of Jesus Christ!  And we want you to find it also.  

What to Expect

If you come to Woodlawn, you will be greeted in the parking lot and pointed in the right direction.  Whether you wear your Sunday’s best or if you are coming in from working in the yard, you are welcome here!  When you come to a small group bible study, there will be nursery for the babies (That will extend through the worship service) and age-appropriate classes for every age to help you know Christ and grow in your knowledge of His Word.  When you come to the service there will be passionate worship to the Lord with songs that are both familiar and new, and our pastor will preach the Word of God biblically and passionately.  At no point will we single you out or ask you to do anything out of the ordinary.  And, if you can’t be with us in person right now, you can join us online for worship on our website or Facebook.

When We Meet

Sunday School 9:15am
Worship 10:30am
Woodlawn University 5:30pm
Pursuit (Youth) 5:30pm
Preschool & Children's Choir 5:30pm
College & Career Bible Study (Off Campus) 7:30pm

Dinner 4:45pm
AWANA 6:00pm
Choir 6:00pm
Youth 6:00pm
Prayer Meeting 6:15pm

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